Lease Purchase Programs From Trucking Companies

Lease purchase program is among those opportunities that a big trucking company can offer to its companies or to folks who desired to avail the program. However, is this really a fantastic opportunity? Or is this merely a way for organizations to cut down their expenses?
If we will dig deeper to this wonderful chance that these significant trucking companies can offer, we will then bear in mind that there are hidden agendas and one-sided chance that favors the business on the contract they’ll provide to that person who desired to avail this kind of program. Yes, the chance is mouth watering since you’ll be having your own truck that also includes a contract to serve the company through your trucking service. Zero deposit, no credit check, and a very fast approval are a few of the company’s promise, this kind of offer can really persuade and attract drivers and workers to have a leap of faith. But, is this what they will get?
According to a site (, their study shows the simple fact that to people who avail this sort of program doesn’t have a promise of long-term connection with the corporation. The list of trucking companies business is the person who will choose what type and which truck they’ll provide you with, that means it won’t be a brand new one, and you cannot take the truck or utilize the truck for some other companies. The caliber of the truck is also one of the elements that favor the business since you will never understand the condition of the truck before it’ll be switched over to you. You’ll also not know the whereabouts of this truck up until after signing of this contract, that’s why most of the people who availed this kind of program get frustrated right after they signed the contract. And the most frustrating part is that the company is the person who will provide the schedules and bookings that you will do for them, so they can control your income per month and just in case they simply don’t like you, then you certainly can do the math.

To sum all up, this is basically a means for these big trucking companies to lessen their expenses by manipulating drivers to avail the lease purchase plan so the expenses that they generally bend such as the upkeep of their trucks, the acquisition or purchase of trucks, and the fees and insurance in case of accidents, and the less number of workers. This will reduce 20 to 40% of their costs annual.

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