Brief Definition of Acupuncture

Brampton Physio care: Improvement of Health through Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an authentic Chinese medicine that uses needles as tools and inserting it to specific points in the body originally to relieve pain. Chinese acupuncture professionals believe that this method actually allows the balance in the flow of energy in human body. On other hand, westerners believe that acupuncture helps the body by stimulating specific points in our body that helps relieving pain.
Diseases or Body Pains that can eliminate using Acupuncture
Originally acupuncture was designed to relieve different form of pain which includes the following:
• Back Pain
• Neck Pain
• Muscle cramps
• Migraines/head-aches
• Osteoarthritis
Moreover, aside from relieving body pains, Acupuncture may also treat other health problems which include:
• Depression
• Bowel Problems
• Some allergies
• Morning Sickness
• Stroke
Listed above are just few of the health problems that Acupuncture can treat. If you are having such problems then you might want to consider Acupuncture as an alternative method. You might want to try consulting to the professionals at Brampton Physio care where you can get one of the best Acupuncture Brampton Physiocare treatment .
Procedures of Acupuncture
There different derivative procedures on acupuncture but what is common is that it uses needle insertion method. Needles that are used here are in the size of a hair string thus insertion of the needle is near to painless. These needles are strategically inserted at the specific points of the body which in result can relieve pain .
Other forms or methods for Acupuncture Treatment are listed below together with their short definition.

1. Moxibuxtion. The same with acupuncture needles, it can stimulate specific points in the human body by placing burning “moxa” to that specific area which can relieve stress using the warmth of the “moxa”.
2. Cupping. It uses the principle of how vacuum works using cups or specialize glass. They used heating inside this cup which recreate the sensation of cupping.
3. Tuina. It is a kind of massage that uses ointments and heating which improve the effect of the massage method.

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